how to backup whatsapp or restore inq2021 -

how to backup whatsapp in Android (export)

Like all other platforms, you can only export a copy of your individual or group chat history.

  • Choose whether to attach the media;
  • Shortly after that, a screen will appear in your email application with a * .txt chat attached in addition to the media if you choose to connect them.
  • Enter an email address and tap Send;
  • The media is attached to the message separately, literally as an email attachment. WhatsApp limits exports to the 10,000 most recent announcements if you connect media. Otherwise, the last 40,000 messages are saved. According to the company, the maximum size of an email is limited

How to backup WhatsApp conversations to iPhone

. On the iPhone, the steps are similar.
Follow these steps to attach conversations via email:

  • Tap the contact or group name in the top bar;
  • Scroll down and select Export Conversation;
  • Select Attach media if you wish to the email to contain photos, videos, and audio.
  • Otherwise, tap No media;
  • Select the email application to which you want to send the conversation;
  • Or tap Add to see more delivery options;
  • Enter an email address and tap Send;
  • Ready! Conversations have been posted. Easy, right?

How to save WhatsApp chat to a Windows Phone

If you’re using Windows Phone, the steps are even more straightforward:



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